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Mid-Century  Boutique

Here are some items our mid-century shoppers love!

Office Essentials

Whatever work you do, a tabletop, seat and lighting are likely part of your work cycle. Choose pieces that create a space where groundbreaking ideas are born.

Take A Seat

A quality chair is a must for time spent working on your computer, paying bills, having conference calls, or whatever magic you perform in your home office.

Shelf It

Every home office needs a place for daily necessities and reference items. Choose pieces that are compatible with your work and allow for inspirational accents.

Desktop Definition

Establish a thoughtful home office with storage for your goods. Devise designated places for items to avoid overwhelm, distraction and clutter.

Color Me This

Wall color makes a statement about the mood for your space. Set the tone by choosing a color that speaks to you and consider what else will be in the room.

My Reading Corner

When you're ready for quiet time, sequester yourself with the latest gossip mag (no judgement) in your cozy corner.


Add charm to your office with decorative storage baskets. They will add texture and delight to your workspace.

Finishing Touches

Aside from desktop systems, you'll need practical storage and functional accessories. See what we've picked for you.

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